La eficiencia térmica de las mezclas de combustibles reciclados de aceites lubricantes y comestibles

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Marcos Gutiérrez


The energy demand increases with the social, industrial and technological requirements, independent of the sources to supply it. More than half of the total energy consumption is supplied by fossil fuels, which can be replaced by alternative and more environmentally friendly fuels. The present research evaluates thermal efficiency, net output work and energy availability from recycled vegetable-animal and synthetic-mineral substances, in a pure state and blended with neat diesel. The calculation uses mainly the heat value of each fuel and the air properties along each stroke of the diesel cycle. The purpose of the present research consists in the evaluation of the thermal efficiency of alternative fuels in functions of the whole engine cycle and not only Stoichiometric the heat value and quantity of each fuel. It was found that the neat fuel from recycled edible sources provides more net output work and is able to perform longer combustions, while the advantage of higher thermal efficiencies using recycled lubricating oil relies on its use as an additive in a blend with neat diesel. The use of alternative and ecological neat fuels of blends is conditioned by the efforts to produce them and by the resulting thermal efficiency, net output work and remaining energetic availability.


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Gutiérrez, M. (2019). La eficiencia térmica de las mezclas de combustibles reciclados de aceites lubricantes y comestibles. INNOVA Research Journal, 4(1), 21–35.


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